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In October 2014 we did an estimate of the proportion of websites that were mobile optimised in some way. Read about that in this post. A year has now passed so it would be interesting to see what’s changed. Firstly the percentage of browsing done on mobile devices has increased to 41.36% according to StatCounter. This is way up from 32.8% at the same time last year, an increase of 26.10% or about a quarter.

Next is the number of mobile optimised sites tabulated below. The results were calculated using the same meanpath queries that were used last year detailed in this post.

Description 2014 2015
% of Sites # of Sites % of Sites % increase
Mobile Only Sites
sites with .mobi subdomain name 0.50 423150 0.25 -49.57
sites with an m. subdomain 0.29 625640 0.38 27.71
sites with a .mobile subdomain 0.00 1132 0.00 N/A
sites that use the jQuery Mobile library 0.08 118095 0.07 -12.67
All mobile only sites 0.86 1125275 0.68 -21.31
Responsive Sites
Sites with a media query 3.95 8490668 5.11 29.18
Sites where JavaScript is triggered by the screen resizing 1.26 2369523 1.42 13.46
Check for responsive JavaScript libraries 0.02 61119 0.04 71.35
All responsive sites 5.02 10445187 6.28 25.15
Combined Responsive and Mobile Only Sites
All Mobile Optimised Sites 5.79 11442326 6.88 18.80


The number of mobile optimised sites compared to last year is irrelevant, as meanpath has increased the total number of sites in it’s index. So in comparing to last years data we should only compare ‘% of sites’. The total proportion of sites optimised for mobile have increased from 5.8% to 6.9%, an increase of 18.80%. This increase has come entirely from responsive sites as the number of mobile only sites has actually decreased which is a good thing, because responsive sites tend to be easier to maintain and are better for SEO.

Generally it seems the web is not quite keeping up with the proliferation of mobile devices. There is still plenty of opportunity for businesses to get ahead of their competitors by providing a friendly mobile experience on their website.

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